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Nothing to waste

No water to waste

No energy to waste

Our modern technologies address the increasing need for innovative solutions driven by the megatrends of climate change, circularity, marine biodiversity loss, and increasingly scarce freshwater resources.

Solutions for a sustainable future

Evac has been a pioneer in sustainable technologies and solutions for decades. We have systematically expanded our offering from vacuum technology to all significant water and waste-related technologies and hull and pipework protection. Today we are the world’s leading provider of integrated Evac® water and waste management technologies, Cathelco® corrosion protection and marine growth prevention systems and HEM® freshwater systems.

Our technologies address the increasing need for innovative solutions driven by the megatrends of climate change, circularity, and increasingly scarce freshwater resources. We contribute to a better environment and cleaner seas by helping our customers eliminate waste, conserve water, mitigate emissions, and lengthen the lifecycle of their vessels. Together we strive for a future with no waste.

Read more on our latest Sustainability Report 2022.

Sustainability Report 2022

Download Evac Group’s Sustainability Report 2022

Solutions for our
land-based customers

Evac has 40 years of experience providing vacuum collection solutions and resolving site-specific construction challenges. Choosing a vacuum system gives your building a winning advantage in water savings and hygiene.

Solutions for our
marine customers

We offer sustainable water and waste management, corrosion protection, and marine growth prevention solutions for various vessels, from the world’s largest cruise vessels to naval and cargo ships and small work boats.

Our offering consists of three well-known and respected brands


Evac® solutions for sustainable freshwater generation, wastewater treatment, as well as dry and wet waste treatment are well-known in the global market – both on land and sea. When selecting the Evac Total Concept, our product development experts carefully plan and design a solution that best fits the purpose – with a special emphasis on energy and material efficiency.


The leading Cathelco® hull corrosion protection systems (ICCP) and marine growth prevention systems (MGPSs) reduce maintenance costs and notably lengthen vessels’ lifecycles. Cathelco® spare parts and onboard services comply with Article 95 of the EU Biocidal Regulation for use of copper in European waters and every vessel trading in EU waters.


HEM® is Europe’s leading brand for an extensive range of reverse osmosis desalinators and freshwater treatment systems designed specifically for superyachts. HEM® solutions offer environmental advantages by helping our customers generate freshwater from seawater, reducing their dependency on naturally available freshwater sources.

We strive to enable a future with no waste

Sustainability is the cornerstone of all our activities and the motivator for our whole business. Together with our customers and partners, we strive for a future with no waste. Our brand promise, Nothing to waste, captures our ambition, drive and strategy in three words. It stands for what we do and how we will do it:

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