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Wastewater treatment

Evac EcoScreen

Inorganic-based materials can accumulate over time and decrease wastewater treatment efficiency or even cause clogging or damage over time in wastewater treatment systems. Therefore, the wastewater usually needs to be screened before the main treatment.

The Evac EcoScreen screening system is used to pre-purify wastewater from these unwanted materials. Due screening unit in the AWP system, the sludge amount in MBR/MBBR unit is decreased and more importantly, the fouling rate of the membranes is decreased (MBR systems) and the risk of clogging is reduced.  

  • Prepurifies wastewater from unwanted materials
  • Decreases the fouling rate of the membranes
  • Reduces the risk of clogging

  • Great reduction in potential damage and clogging in the wastewater treatment system 
  • Environmentally friendly, free of chemicals
  • Robust and easy to operate 

Max. Flow
Number of
Screened water
tank volume
EcoScreen 200 18 10,6 
EcoScreen 200T 36 21,0 
EcoScreen 300 36 11,1 
EcoScreen 300T 72 21,8 

The EcoScreen separates and screens the coarse and fibrous materials out of the wastewater via dewatering screw to plastic foil bags that can then be treated further onboard or transported to shore. Screened water can be pumped then safely to the sewage treatment onboard. BOD loading in wastewater is decreased by up to 30 %, helping to reduce the organic load that the following units must treat. 

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