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Wastewater treatment

Evac SGT

Evac grease separators are designed to pre-treat galley water and other streams with high grease concentrations. Having a grease separator enables more stable wastewater feed to the MBR/MBBR treatment processes and reduce clogging and fouling. 

Oils, grease and fats are complex substances that can be found in different wastewater streams onboard, but are particularly high in galley water. They can easily cause problems in wastewater treatment systems, from pipe clogging to membrane fouling. 

  • Grease separator for limited space
  • Prevents problems in wastewater treatment systems
  • Low maintenance need

  • Different options include automatic discharge and heating. 
  • Small, simple and shockproof design. 
  • Low maintenance is required. 

In SGT grease is separated in a tank in which the sludge settles down and grease rises to the surface. It is a cost-efficient, small product and reduces grease content effectively. The floating grease must be removed manually or with a different dedicated pump. The cleared water flows free of fats onwards in the process by gravity. 

Evac people on a service project onboard a vessel

Evac Lifecycle Management

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