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ReferencesEnvironmental standards met at Refuge du Goûter thanks to Evac’s water-saving vacuum solutions

Environmental standards met at Refuge du Goûter thanks to Evac’s water-saving vacuum solutions

Evac´s fresh water generation and vacuum toilets enable staying the night at the “Goûter Hut”, one of the highest mountain refuges in France at 3,835 m in the Alps.

The Goûter Hut, opened in 2012 on the most frequented peak route of Europe. The mountain refuge was designed according to high environmental standards and can host as many as 8,500 people over a three-month period.


The project was a real human, technical and environmental challenge. Numerous constraints had to be overcome, including limited water supply, space and zero discharge requirements. Climate is extreme, with 300 km/h wind, -40°C and everlasting snow, and access is particularly limited. In addition, the refuge has a seasonal traffic, being open from June to September.


Evac delivered 8 vacuum toilets, 3 buffer and sludge storage tanks, an Evac OnlineFlex vacuum collection unit and an Evac MBR wastewater treatment plant. The clean effluent from MBR wastewater treatment plant is recycled for flushing the vacuum toilets.


Evac solution offered an additional source of water operating independently of the potable water produced by snow melting. Evac also contributed to comply with very strict environmental standards with more than 50% water saving and discharge of high-quality water.

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Key facts

French Federation of Alpine Clubs

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Evac Solutions
Vacuum collection
Fresh water generation
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People in 3 months

More than

50 %

water savings

Highest refuge in France

3,835 m

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