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Windfarm installation vessels

We offer a complete lifecycle service for windfarm installation vessels, including the most sustainable solutions of water, waste- and wastewater management systems.

Windfarm installation vessel

Complete lifecycle service solutions for windfarm installation vessels

With the huge growth in the number of offshore wind farms being installed across the globe to ramp up greener energy production, the demand for Windfarm Installation Vessels (WIV) is also rising. These vessels service and maintain wind farms through their lifecycle and need efficient wet waste management onboard to perform their operations efficiently and sustainably.

Evac offers a complete lifecycle service for WIV, offering the most sustainable solutions of water, waste- and wastewater management systems. Our offering include also hull and pipework protection systems.

Sustainable solutions in the most challenging environments

WIV usually has a high number of persons onboard operating close to the shores on shallow waters for long durations, setting tough challenges for waste management. Our solutions not only ensure ease of use and efficiency but also help you protect the environment.

Our complete sustainable solutions include biological wastewater treatment system (MBR) as well as energy-efficient vacuum collecting systems with toilets that save water, food waste collecting system, grease separator, top-quality dry waste recycling equipment for volume reduction, and energy efficient reverse osmosis freshwater generation units.

Tailormade technologies
to suit your specific needs

Evac Total concept is complete water and waste management system that includes vacuum collection, wastewater treatment, freshwater generation, marine growth prevention, corrosion protection as well as dry, wet, and food waste management.

Our product development specialists carefully plan and design customized solutions for you based on your vessel’s size and passenger capacity, with a special emphasis on energy and material efficiency.

Integrated systems for easy installation and management

When you choose the Evac Total concept for your shipbuilding project, you get the advantage of a host of benefits packed into one smart solution. With a single supplier, you enjoy simplified coordination, integration, and installation.

Our integrated solutions ensure that all systems are compatible with fewer critical interfaces between different systems, eliminating the risk of conflicts that can arise when products come from different sources.

Once the systems are installed and in operation, enjoy easy and efficient management and maintenance. You can conveniently monitor and control all Evac systems from the ship’s main automation system — a single common interface simplifies management and troubleshooting. Our technologies and user interfaces also simplify the crew training process.


Sustainable solutions to secure the future of shipping

Making sustainable business choices that help conserve water, mitigate emissions, and manage waste efficiently is important now more than ever.

Meet your sustainability targets and reduce the environmental footprint of your vessels with Evac’s water, waste- and wastewater management systems for solutions designed to suit your needs.

Your dedicated lifecycle service partner

We are your global service partner throughout the lifecycle of your vessel. Our comprehensive portfolio ranges from long-term service agreements to individual service products such as spare parts, training, maintenance, and retrofitting. 

With an extensive network of offices and representatives over several service hubs in North America, Europe, and Asia, we are committed to providing you with dedicated service and support worldwide. 

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