Applications on cargo vessels

Evac has thousands of references for different types of cargo vessels.

Our applications in cargo vessels

Evac has thousands of references for different types of cargo vessels. As there are limited opportunities for service and maintenance in this challenging environment, we focus on ensuring construction is simple and reliable.

We have completed over 20,000 marine projects, making us the leading expert in our field. You can rely on our specialist design team to help you to find the best solutions for your waste, wastewater, and fresh water management processes.

Thanks to our global service network we can offer support, spare parts, and service in 40 countries across six continents.


Installation of Evac system

Systems for every need

Our large and varied offering meets the different needs of our customers, right from vessel construction. Our systems meet the strictest International Maritime Organization (IMO) environmental regulations, and can also be operated in Environmentally Sensitive Sea Areas (ESSAs) and Special Areas (SAs).

The simplicity of working with a single provider

Thanks to our wide system range you can purchase all your vacuum collection, wastewater treatment, dry and food waste treatment, and fresh water generation systems from one provider, simplifying the shipbuilding process as well as use, control, and maintenance.

We offer vacuum collection systems with flexible piping that save water and improve efficiency during installation. We are the only supplier with expertise in the vacuum collection of both wastewater and food waste. Using one supplier simplifies maintenance and reduces inventory costs, as spares are interchangeable.

Our offering also includes compactors and densifiers for reducing the volume of recyclable waste aboard vessels. These products will help you meet the IMO’s MARPOL Annex V requirements.

Our water treatment units turn seawater into process, service, and drinking water. Our reliable fresh water generation units supply water not only for crew but also for transported livestock and system cleaning.

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Evac 500m³/h BWMS

Evac Evolution ballast water management system (BWMS)

The Evac Evolution ballast water management system operates effectively in marine, brackish and salt water and has been specified for a range of ships including cargo ships.

Available with capacities from 34m3/h to 1,500m3/h in a single unit, it can be supplied skid mounted or in modular form simplifying retrofits where space is tight.

Space is always a major consideration in retrofit BWMS installations. In a project where our 500m³/h system was supplied for a ro-ro cargo ship and her sister ship, a void area was identified close to the engine room where the filter unit, UV reactor and electrical cabinets could be installed in a linear arrangement giving good access for inspection and maintenance.

Marine growth prevention systems

We have provided marine growth prevention systems for some of the biggest fleets of commercial vessels in the world. With the ability to treat high volumes of sea water, the system is ideally suited to the requirements of the VLCCs, container ships, LNG carriers and numerous other types of ocean going vessels.

For this reason, it continues to be chosen by major operators, reflecting both the effectiveness of the system and the on-going support which is provided to customers.

In operation, the system is automatic and makes very little demands on crew time apart from periodically monitoring the anode outputs. The provided log sheet monitoring service ensures that systems continue to perform effectively.

Marine growth prevention systems



Vacuum collection

Wastewater treatment

Ballast water management

Fresh water generation

Marine growth prevention

Dry and wet waste treatment

Corrosion protection

Our recommended solutions for cargo vessels


Vacuum collection

Vacuum generation units, vacuum toilets and toilet accessories, food waste collection systems and other vacuum accessories.

Evac Optima 3

Economical vacuum toilet

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Evac OnlineVac

Online liquid-ring screw pump vacuum generation unit

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Evac EasyFit

Ejector vacuum unit

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Evac OnlineFlex

Online rotary-lobe pump vacuum generation unit

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Evac food waste management system

Collection and treatment

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Evac vacuum accessories

For vacuum piping

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waste_water_rgbWastewater treatment

Advanced wastewater treatment plants (membrane bioreactors and electrolytic wastewater treatment plants)

Evac EcoTreat

Cost-effective biological treatment plant

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Purely electrolytic wastewater treatment systems

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Evac wastewater pre-treatment

Removal of harmful solids and liquids

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wet_dry_rgbDry and wet waste treatment

Waste compaction equipment (compactors, balers, glass crushers, tin can densifiers) and food waste collection and treatment system

Evac dry waste recycling units

Compactors, glass crushers tin can densifiers and shredders

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Evac food waste management system

Collection and treatment

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fresh_water_rgb (Conflicted copy from EVAC002LW10 on 2016-07-15)Fresh water generation

Desalination systems using reverse osmosis (RO), and potable water treatment systems using mineralisation, disinfection etc.


Standardized reverse osmosis plants

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Potable water treatment system

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