Solutions for accommodation platforms and semi-submersibles

We provide integrated water and waste management systems, as well as corrosion-protection systems, for the offshore accommodation platforms and semi-submersibles. The capacities of our solutions range from a few dozen people to thousands of crew.

Our NORSOK-approved toilet and wastewater treatment systems – including large-scale membrane bioreactors and sludge driers – are found aboard three state-of-the-art semi-submersible accommodation vessels, known as floatels, operated by Floatel International.

Reference project Floatel International

Corrosion protection systems

Our Cathelco corrosion protection systems based on impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) technology are supplied for semi-submersibles operating throughout the world in locations ranging from the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico to the North Sea and Arctic waters off Russia.

This background of experience enables our engineers to design systems which provide the optimum level of protection against corrosion throughout the life of the structure. Our expertise is in positioning the anodes to achieve the most effective pattern of current ‘spread’ and avoiding areas of ‘shadowing’. In some instances this requires the use of a combination of ICCP and sacrificial anodes.

Semi-submersibles and jack-up rigs generally have long periods between drydocking. Our Cathelco anodes and reference electrodes are designed to last up to 15 years and are diver changeable if replacement due to damage is necessary before this time.

Watch the video and see our Cathelco corrosion protection system in action on a semi-submersible

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