Solutions for FPSOs, FSOs and support vessels

Our systems are trusted by operators of offshore FPSOs, FSOs, support vessels as well as other types of specialized vessels from around the world.

Pioneering Spirit – a vessel for single-lift installation and removal of large offshore oil and gas platforms, and the installation of oil and gas pipelines – relies on Evac systems. It is the largest vessel ever constructed in terms of gross tonnage, breadth, and displacement. We supplied vacuum collection systems including two ejector vacuum units, 320 vacuum toilets, and four transfer units for black and gray water – as well as wastewater treatment systems including two membrane bioreactor units.

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Corrosion protection systems for FPSOs and FSOs

There are significant differences between protecting FPSOs/FSOs and normal seagoing vessels against hull corrosion. The most important is that FPSOs/FSOs generally remain on station for many years without drydocking. Therefore, it is an advantage if key components such as anodes and reference electrodes are diver changeable.

Another factor which needs to be taken into consideration is the ‘current drain’ caused by anchor chains. In most cases, PSOs and FSOs are supplied with forward and aft ICCP systems. Because the vessel is stationary when in operation, both of these systems have a similar output, generally in the region of 300amps. Our Cathelco C-Max anodes are diver changeable and emit a powerful current from a relatively small surface area. This means that fewer anodes are required and the number of hull penetrations is subsequently reduced.

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ICCP protection for FPSOs and FSOs

Marine growth prevention for FPSOs and FSOs

FPSOs generally have numerous seawater intakes serving engine cooling, product processing, fire fighting and a range of auxiliary services which can include provision of a potable water supply. It is essential that all of these functions are protected by an effective and reliable marine growth prevention system (MGPS) such as our Cathelco solutions.

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