Control and monitor Cathelco wind turbine ICCP systems

The performance of the ICCP system can be monitored in three ways

We have designed software which enables controlling and monitoring of our Cathelco wind turbine ICCP systems from several locations.

Each wind turbine is given a unique IP address and the data is relayed to a central control room via an Ethernet connection. Data concerning the status of the system is automatically recorded on the local network for security. However, for solely monitoring purposes the data can be retrieved at any location required by the customer using the Internet.

For security purposes, the ICCP control panel on each wind turbine produces and stores its own data. If the turbine loses connection with the central control room, the data continues to be recorded and can be retrieved when the connection is re-established.

In the case of remotely viewed data, the software programme scrolls through each of the controllers and automatically writes the information into a log file which, in turn, updates the relevant internet pages on a daily basis.

1. On the turbine

ICCP data is displayed on the control panel and automatically recorded for security.

2. In the control room

The system can be controlled from a central control room via an Ethernet connection.

3. Remotely via PC

The condition of the system can be monitored remotely over the Internet from any location.