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Evac systems provide our customers with reliable, gravity-free wastewater collection and treatment, as well as fresh water generation, for the lifetime of their building.

We know your industry

By partnering with Evac, you benefit from working with a company that has a 40-year history of serving the building industry and an excellent track record covering over 3,300 successful building projects. Our extensive range of solutions can be adapted for buildings of all different types.

We are close to you

Evac wordwide network of own offices, representatives and service professionals operate in more than 40 countries.

Evac Complete Cleantech Solution

The Evac Complete Cleantech Solution covers all your needs. With a broad range of solutions, technologies, and products, our comprehensive one-stop-shop offering is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our solutions:

  • Wastewater drainage and sanitation based on vacuum collection technology
  • Supermarket condensate systems based on vacuum collection technology
  • Wastewater treatment package plants based on advanced membrane filtration and biological treatment
  • Freshwater treatment plants based on reverse osmosis technology
  • Bvac systems

Examples of major customer, contractor and designer benefits

Possible – Build your dream!

With vacuum wastewater collection, pipework layouts and locations are much more flexible than traditional gravity-based systems, making it easier to preserve the architectural and historical features of buildings. Vacuum-based systems enable also building underground below the level of existing sewage systems.

Profitable – Be efficient!

Our vacuum-based systems make layout changes easier, and because they are quick to install compared to traditional systems they save construction time and costs.

With Evac vacuum drainage for condensate, supermarket layouts can be designed based on marketing strategy, there is greater flexibility in terms of store and warehouse location, and fewer constraints on where equipment such as chilled and freezer units can be placed.

Sustainable – Go green!

Vacuum toilets enable significant water savings compared to gravity toilets, especially in high-usage environments. We also offer systems for wastewater treatment and reuse in sensitive areas.

Evac vacuum toilets and wastewater treatment systems provide a fast return on investment and can help you achieve green building certifications such as LEED and BREEAM.

Examples of our building industry references

Auchan Jindu supermarket, China

The 20,000 m2/215,278 ft2 Auchan Jindu store is located in the underground level of a building complex in Shanghai.

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Mountain Refuge, Mont Blanc, France

The Refuge du Gouter, located at an altitude of 3,835 m/12,582 ft, was designed according to high environmental standards and can host as many as 8,500 people over a three-month period.

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1 Bligh Street office tower, Sydney, Australia

1 Bligh is a sustainnably designed office building located in Sydney’s central business district.

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