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Environmental friendly hospitality and accommodation

Get the benefits of significant water savings, green certification, flexible design options, and cost-efficient and environmentally friendly operations with Evac technologies.

Efficient and environmentally friendly vacuum solutions

Ensuring good design, operational efficiency and user comfort are important while planning amenities in the hospitality industry. With Evac technologies, you get all this and more while committing to green principles.

Design environmentally friendly facilities using our vacuum drainage systems that offer excellent water savings, green credentials, efficient wastewater treatment, and the freedom to experiment with architectural designs.

Innovative and environmental friendly housing

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Optimizing the use of water to design eco-friendly facilities

Evac vacuum toilets produce less diluted black water that can be combined with a Bvac® food waste collection system hygienically and effectively to be used for co-digestion and biogas production in eco districts, students’ accommodation, resorts, and other facilities.

Evac vacuum toilets use only 1.2 liters (0.3 gallons) per flush, providing significant water savings, and minimizing the impact of water shortages in areas with scarcity. The indoor system can easily be connected to an outdoor vacuum sewer in large districts or when encountering soil constraints.

Smart vacuum solutions for building remodeling, extensions, and remodeling

Make extensions and conversions a simpler and more cost-efficient affair with Evac vacuum drainage solutions that give you the flexibility to adapt your facilities to suit your needs.

You can easily convert historical buildings into hotels while preserving building features and increasing your layout options. Our technology which doesn’t come with the constraints of gravity systems also gives you the freedom to open new facilities in locations that would otherwise be considered unsuitable due to soil conditions.

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Our vacuum systems provide a reliable, gravity-free wastewater collection for the lifetime of the building. Read more about our offering for different building applications.

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