Green, environmentally friendly accommodation

Eco district

The less diluted black water produced by Evac vacuum toilets (1.2 liters / 0.3 gallons per flush) can be combined with a Bvac® food waste collection system in a hygienic and effective way. The water is then transported for co-digestion and biogas production in eco districts, student accommodation, resorts, and other facilities.

The indoor system can easily be connected to an outdoor vacuum sewer when covering large districts or encountering soil constraints.

Environmentally friendly facilities

Vacuum drainage gives you advanced, environmentally friendly facilities that add green credentials to your campus brand. The toilets save water and minimize the impact of water shortages on campus life.

Extensions and conversions are made simpler, giving you the flexibility to adapt your facilities when needed. New campus locations are also opened up in places that were previously unsuitable due to soil conditions.

Green hotel and building conversion

Evac vacuum toilets use only 1.2 liters (0.3 gallons) per flush, providing considerable water savings and helping you demonstrate your commitment to sustainable travel and green hotel practices.

Vacuum systems make it easier to convert even historical buildings into hotels, preserving building features and increasing layout options.

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A complete system for green resorts

Evac complete water systems provide excellent water and energy savings, efficient wastewater treatment, and the flexibility to offer stunning layouts and architectural designs while still committing to green principles. Evac vacuum toilets use considerably less water and energy than traditional systems.

Our advanced wastewater solutions with biological treatment and membrane filtration provide high effluent quality suitable for reuse – with a lower footprint than conventional systems. Evac reverse osmosis systems for desalination and potabilization have been used in large and high-end cruise ships for decades and are proven to be reliable with low energy consumption.

As they allow sewage piping to be run without a continuous slope, Evac vacuum systems assist in beach and island preservation, as well as the construction of floating cabins, other floating buildings, and marina centers.