Evac Complete Cleantech Solution for building industry customers

Purchasing your building’s waste, wastewater, and water management systems from a single supplier simplifies coordination and integration during the construction project. Once the systems are installed, it makes managing and maintaining them easier and more efficient.

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Your complete Cleantech solution provider

The Evac Complete Cleantech Solution covers all your needs. With a broad range of solutions, technologies, and products, our comprehensive one-stop-shop offering is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our solutions:

  •  Wastewater drainage and sanitation based on vacuum collection technology
  •  Supermarket condensate systems based on vacuum collection technology
  •  Wastewater treatment package plants based on advanced membrane filtration and biological treatment
  •  Freshwater treatment plants based on reverse osmosis desalination technology
  •  Bvac systems.

One partner, many benefits

Designer and contractor – design, building, and planning process

  • Fewer partners means easier communication and saves time on project coordination
  • Simplified system integration with building management system, and single point of contact for all system integration issues
  • Fewer critical interfaces between different systems
  • Full-service support including design, engineering, and training, and local network of installation and service partners.

Building owner – operation and maintenance

  • Similar user interfaces and technologies make training easier and more efficient
  • Smooth and efficient system operation, management, and troubleshooting – Evac systems can be monitored and controlled via a user-friendly interface
  • Maintain your standards abroad – wherever your building, business, store, or office, we’ll ensure constant quality with our large presence worldwide
  • Single point of contact for aftersales service and spares
  • Efficient spares procurement and logistics
  • Competitive pricing and more predictable costs
  • Reduced need for spare parts, and therefore lower inventory costs, as systems use many of the same components.