Vacuum and drainage solutions for laboratory facilities

Evac helps to future proof your buildings to address the changing needs of the laboratory and research facility markets with flexible vacuum plumbing solutions.

For over 40 years, Evac has been providing vacuum waste removal solutions for building projects. In many cases, vacuum wastewater systems have answered a site specific construction problem or constraint.

However, vacuum drainage is very versatile and brings wide ranging benefits to numerous types of projects. It not only represents good value, but addresses the future needs of an industry that is constantly growing and changing.

Current developments in the laboratory industry demand that owners, architects and engineers accommodate future clients as well as those of today.

Where vacuum solutions give the greatest benefits for laboratory construction:


  • Allows dedicated and confined wastewater transport, reducing the risk of emanations due to gas and leakage.
  • Enables separate collection of chemical and biological hazardous effluents for further treatment and storage
  • System materials including valves, waste piping, and collecting units can accommodate most wastewater effluent streams.
  • Perfect for conversion of existing spaces to functional laboratory space
  • Minimal or no disruption to adjacent spaces and tenants below.
  • Allows quick and cost-effective re-configuration of existing laboratory spaces to accommodate changing work or new tenants
  • Offers flexibility and a strategy for cost effective scaling in future growth periods
  • Simplifies designs that must consider not just one lab space but entire floors or complete facilities.

How does a vacuum waste system work?

Vacuum waste systems do not rely on gravity and can lift waste into the overhead ceiling space. The advantage is that overhead piping can be routed around obstructions without need for a constant slope. Running between floors eliminates the need to make floor penetrations that impact tenants below and limit future layout options. Modifications can now have near limitless possibilities when compared to gravity plumbing constraints. Vacuum also allows the plumbing to be re-configured in a much tighter timeframe than traditional gravity systems thus avoiding a lot of future cost and disruption.

Adding vacuum toilets to the design further improves hygiene, safety and comfort

Should a pipe breach occur, instead of water leaking out, air leaks in due to the pressure difference. As the risk of leakage is greatly reduced and the flowrate much accelerated in the Evac vacuum piping, it improves the safety and control of hazardous substances, iatrogenic diseases, and radioactive contamination. In addition, Evac vacuum toilets take in 60 liters/16 gallons/2.1 cubic feet of air per flush, significantly reducing mist and odor and therefore improving both hygiene and comfort.

Future-proofing the design for a building is one of the biggest benefits designers can offer for the clients and their future tenants. Evac offers a design that can grow and change with their needs as well.