Condensate drainage for profitable supermarket store layout

Make supermarkets and warehouses more profitable with Evac vacuum drainage for condensate

Evac vacuum drainage for condensate offers a cost-effective, simple, and flexible alternative for supermarket and warehouse remodeling, building conversion, or relocation. Relocation might be to a city center or even an underground location – vacuum drainage opens up many possibilities that would have previously been either too complicated or too costly. Planning and construction times are short, with local skilled support and reliable customer service for the lifetime of your products. We are the original supplier for vacuum drainage and are trusted worldwide – with 1,500 supermarket installations and remodeling references to our name. With this level of freedom and flexibility, brand strategy and marketing initiatives that require store layout changes are both easier and less costly to implement.

Flexible layout options mean better supermarket profitability

Whatever your marketing strategy, design your store layout your way, with no restriction on freezer or chiller cabinet placement. Remodel your store into new traffic patterns – without leaving floor drains – and improve your sub-grade and the integrity and appearance of your finish slabs. With vacuum drainage you’ll have more location options for new stores, with no liability risk for other tenants that may be beneath you, such as in underground car parks. Building stores underground is also easier and more cost effective, as is building conversion, whatever the previous business type and layout. Remodeling and expansion costs less, so can be carried out more frequently, as and when required. Customer experience is also improved as remodelings and repairs can be carried out quickly and cleanly without closing individual departments or the entire store. This also means impact on store profitability is minimized. What’s more, there are also fewer sales floor safety hazards during normal operation, reducing the risk of injury to customers and staff.

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Choose a strong and reliable partner

We have an extensive list of references, many reflecting long-term partnerships with stores that have carried out numerous remodelings with Evac. We believe they choose us thanks to our dedicated customer service and local skilled support, not to mention the quality of our products. We are the original supplier for vacuum drainage systems, their operation and automation; an efficient partner with the largest product and patent portfolio on the market, fine-tuned over thirty years of experience. We pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding customer expectations and keeping maintenance, energy, and water consumption to a minimum.