Mobile vacuum toilets provide high water savings

A green solution

Vacuum mobile toilets offer significant water savings, leading to a reduction in wastewater storage tank volume and water consumption. This way, the toilets can be used in off-grid situations without compromising on comfort.

They also offer a more pleasant user experience with less residual odor, cleaner flushing, and no chemicals or recirculation required.

Easy to install and operate

The flexibility in temporary or fixed piping layout makes the toilets ideal for above ground, large, and modular installations such as events, worker camps, or containerized hotels and offices. In addition, the vacuum solution leads to less clogging and maintenance compared to gravity toilets and lifting pump stations.

In sensitive areas such as Alaska or protected islands, the installation, remodeling, and dismantling of living prefab modules is quick and has virtually no environmental impact.

Differentiate your offer with Evac

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